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Material Descriptions


Custom White Polypropylene: Polypropylene has excellent chemical resistance, is strong and has a high melting point. Polypro has the following benefits: strength/toughness, resistance to chemicals, resistance to heat, barrier to moisture, versatility, resistance to grease/oil.

EVA: Milled Solid EVA shell with a neutral rearfoot posting. Provides a softer, slightly more compressible resistance to the foot. Primarily for accommodative needs patients.


Celon: Celon rebound material has many features and benefits not found in polyurethane.  Celon, is lighter in weight than polyurethane, doesn't degrade or deteriorate by oxidation. The most impressive feature of Celon is its capacity for memory and the stability of the material when in use.

Spenco: Expanded Fabric Covered Neoprene for Covering and Cushioning Orthotics - Closed Cell

Poron (PPT): is a frothed, open cell urethane sheet that is breathable, odorless, washable and non-sensitizing. Poron will not bottom out. PORON materials are made without plasticizers, which means the insole won't shrink or become brittle and crack with age. PORON insoles retain "like-new" softness and flexibility - even at temperatures to -40F (-40C) - resisting the tendency of other insole materials to bottom out and take a permanent compression set. This results in maximum comfort for the life of the shoe. PORON material forms permeable layers that draw water vapor and perspiration away from the foot, helping to keep shoes and feet dry, while reducing foot odor.

Topcovers:  - click for pictures

Padded fabric: Allows for breathability between the plantar surface of the foot and the underlying padding for shock absorption. Provides a non-slip surface for the foot.

EVA: (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer), possesses excellent blending characteristic with foaming and crosslinking agents. Provides superb mechanical properties because microcell distribution is extremely uniform.

Vinyl: Standard plastic topcover material with fabric backing.

Leather: Genuine leather hide material is an option for any of our devices.

Plastizote: A polyethylene foam.


Crepe: Natural rubber material.

Ping Pong: Dimpled rubber used for heels.


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